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YourSPACE – Sexual Assault Prevention Education


The YourSpace program began in 2012 with the State of Nevada’s Approved Sexual Assault Prevention Plan. We are a part of the Crisis Call Center’s Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) team that works so hard to help any victim of sexual violence. This plan supports the SASS team by highlighting practical methods to combat sexual assault to one day make our communities sexual-violence free. One of the primary goals is to stop sexual violence before it begins through statewide education. That’s where YourSpace comes in.

Our highly trained and skilled outreach specialists in prevention education go throughout the community–to schools, businesses, and gatherings–and present tailored education. Anyone can have a presentation on ANY topic relating to sexual violence, personal well-being, or community health. These presentations are 100% free; we’ll travel to you and can present on an area or topic that you’ve identified as critical. Please contact us for scheduling at 775.221.7600

Below is a list of common topics that people want us to present on:


  • Social Norms – What are they in today’s society?
  • Stereotypes – How do they hurt us?
  • Gender – What is it? How might we approach talking about it?
  • Personal Boundaries – How to establish, present them, and respect them.
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment – What’s it look like, how can we stop it?
  • Sexual Assault – How does it happen, who’s vulnerable, how can it be prevented?
  • Relationship Abuse – What does it look like, how do I help myself or a friend?
  • What to do as a parent for a child in an abusive relationship – How do I help them without pushing them away?

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