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Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Program

A variety of free services are available to you through Crisis Call Center:

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Groups
Both adult and family/adolescent self-help support groups are available for individuals who are coping with the loss of a loved one through suicide. Contact Janett.

Lifelink: A Source of Support for Survivors of Suicide Loss
A monthly newsletter highlighting relevant issues specific to suicide loss. The newsletter includes poetry and prose written by survivors, upcoming events and national conference schedules.

Survivors of Suicide Loss Annual Candlelight Vigil
Held during the month of November, this event celebrates the lives of those lost to suicide.

Information, Referral and Resources
National newsletters, journals, books, referrals to social service agencies and survivor Internet links. Contact Janett.

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group

The Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group is a free, confidential service provided by Crisis Call Center. The adult self-help group is for family members and significant others who have lost a loved one to suicide. The group is designed to help survivors cope with the tragedy and grief of suicide loss and the painful process of recovery.


1. Cultivate a sense of belonging and affiliation.
2. Support and affirm.
3. Create a safe and comforting environment where survivors can share their feelings about their loss and find new ways of coping.
4. Inspire hope.
5. Educate and inform.
6. Provide survivors with the skills to go on with their lives.


The information shared during support group meetings is confidential in nature, with the exception of when any group member threatens suicide, homicide or physical and/or sexual abuse against another individual. Other information communicated during group meetings will not be disclosed to individuals who are not members of the group.

Format of the Survivors of Suicide Support Group Meetings

  1. Meetings are held on Mondays from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The meeting locations are confidential and will not be disclosed to individuals who are not members of the groups.
  2. All group participants are asked to sign in every week.
  3. The Facilitator of the Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Program is a survivor of suicide loss and will lead each meeting.
  4. The Facilitator of the Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Program is available to speak with survivors outside of group meetings and can be reached at 784-8085.
  5. Group participation is voluntary and each member may participate to the degree s/he feels comfortable.
  6. The focus of each meeting is to help each other cope with the loss of a loved one to suicide.
  7. Group members will be encouraged to tell of their loss and about how they are coping with the suicide.
  8. All feelings expressed will be respected even if other members of the group do not share them.
  9. The Facilitator will request that group members complete an evaluation form on a quarterly basis. The evaluation will address whether or not the group is meeting the needs of its participants.

For meeting times, location, and further information, please
Janett at 775-784-8085

Group members may experience heightened feelings and increased sadness after meetings. Group members are encouraged to exchange phone numbers with other group members or contact the Facilitator of the program for any additional support they may need.

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