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This web site is not intended for use as an emergency service. If you or someone you know is in a life-threatening situation, PLEASE CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Community And Youth Awareness Services

In addition to direct service support, Crisis Call Center is committed to help raise awareness on a variety of subjects that directly affect our community. Crisis Call Center is currently focusing our awareness activities on interpersonal violence prevention and bystander intervention skills through social media and the “Green Dot” awareness campaign.

Have you had your Green Dot today?


Green Dot is a violence prevention program that focuses on making our community safer by empowering bystanders to become active members in reducing power-based personal violence including sexual assault, partner violence, stalking, bullying, and harassment.

A Green Dot is any behavior or choice that promotes safety for all of us and communicates utter intolerance for any form of violence. A Green Dot is pulling a friend out of a high risk situation. A Green Dot is posting a status update on Facebook about bystander intervention. A Green Dot is donating a few dollars to your local center. A Green Dot is displaying an awareness poster in your office. A Green Dot is wearing your green dot gear. A Green Dot is getting someone else to step in even if you can’t. A Green Dot is striking up a conversation with a friend about how much this issue matters to you. A Green Dot is simply your individual choice at any given moment to make our community safer.

“No one has to do everything….everyone has to do something”

What’s Your Green Dot?

For regular updates on “Green Dot” like us on FaceBook at facebook.com/NNVGreenDot.

Our goal is to help individuals recognize warning signs, intervene safely or reach out for help.
For more information on Green Dot, please contact SASS (Sexual Assault Support Services) at 775-784-8085.

Tabling at Community Events

Crisis Call Center would love to support your conference, health fair, or awareness event. We have many published resources to share with the community that cover our 24-hour Crisis Line services, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and Sexual Assault Support Services. Let us know about your event and how we can help. Contact the Crisis Call Center Business Office at 775-784-8085 or email info@crisiscallcenter.org

Educational and Outreach Materials

Crisis Call Center has many pamphlets, posters, cards, and fliers that highlight our 24-hour Crisis Lines, Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and Sexual Assault Support Services. We are happy to mail resources to your organization for distribution. Many materials are also available in Spanish.

For more information contact the Crisis Call Center Business Office at 775-784-8085 or email info@crisiscallcenter.org. We look forward to helping support your work and bringing more awareness to these critical areas that affect our communities.

All services provided by Crisis Call Center are free of charge and available to anyone in any crisis situation. The Center does not practice nor condone discrimination on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation , age, religion, national origin, marital status, military status, political belief, mental or physical handicap, or any other preference or personal characteristic, condition, or status.

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