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Administrative Staff

Cathy Berkley
Executive Director


  Rosanne Catron
Deputy Director

Katie Deines
Call Center Director
24-hour Crisis Lines &

Nevada 2-1-1


  Ben Felix
& Direct Victim Services
Sunshine Davis
HR & Administrative Coordinator

Maureen Sidley

Finance/Admin Coordinator

Contact Information

Crisis Call Center
PO Box 8016
Reno, NV 89507
Business Office  775.784.8085
Fax: 775.784.8083

Board of Directors
Crisis Call Center's board of directors sets the goals and operating policies of the agency. They are expected to attend monthly board meetings, serve on at least one board committee (Strategic Planning, Personnel & Bylaws, Marketing, Board Recruitment, Special Events and Program Advisory), and make an annual financial contribution to the agency.

Board Member

Term Expiration

Courtney Forster, Esq.

Mar 2015

Courtney is an attorney with Gunderson Law Firm, practicing primarily business and real estate law. She is proud to support the Crisis Call Center and its positive impact on the community.


Stephen Shipman, Vice-President

Jan 2015
Stephen is a Grants Coordinator with Washoe County Social Services, has a wide variety of interests and believes that in order to have a just society, there is a requirement for civic engagement. Based on this belief he has chosen to give back to our community through his volunteer work at Crisis Call Center.

Carole Bucher,

Oct 2014
Carole is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais practitioner and teacher who believes deeply in supporting people to improve their health and quality of life through education, improved access to resources and increased participation in community.  Moved from San Francisco, CA in 2006, from the business and health education industries.
John "Ray" Apple

Aug 2015
Ray is currently Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Phone Bank, a division of Wells Fargo Customer Connection.  He loves spending time in the Sierras with his family and is an avid snow skier.
Joyce Allen

Jun 2015

Joyce is a retired Real Estate Agent who donates a great deal of time to various community agencies.  In addition to Crisis Call Center she volunteers with our local chapter of the Red Cross and Step 2.
Matthew Baker Jan 2015 Matthew is a Technical Assistant to the Chief Clerk and Deputy Clerk at the Nevada State Assembly. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy. He enjoys reading and writing but spends most of his free time with his family, participating in the many activities enjoyed by his four children.
Camille Bailey Aug 2015 Camille has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design from UNR and excels at envisioning concepts, spaces design and planning.
William Evans, Ph.D.
Jan 2014
Bill is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, and is the State Specialist for Youth Development for Nevada Cooperative Extension.  He also is a licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist.
Feb 2014
Valarie is a Sales professional with Sierra Office Solutions, is dedicated to relationship building and is well connected within the local business community.
Lisa Kim
Apr 2015
Lisa is an Accounts Executive with Charter Media with over 10 years broad-spectrum expertise in management, outreach, growth development, financial management, and execution of programs in the field of non-profit organizations.
Jennifer Landes Aug 2015
Jennifer has a B.A. in Journalism and Marketing from UNR, and is an Agent and Owner of a local American Family Insurance office.
  Sheila Leslie
Aug 2015
Sheila is the Specialty Courts Manager for the 2nd Judicial District Court in Reno, Nevada.  She also served 14 years in the Nevada Legislature, first as an Assemblywoman and later as a State Senator. Sheila has an extensive background in non-profit work, previously serving as the Executive Director of the Children’s Cabinet.
Penelope Moezzi-Haas
Mar 2014

Penny is retired as an educator and interior designer, but maintains her talent for art and design as an avocation.

Jennifer McClendon

Jennifer is a social work professor at UNR and her research focuses on services for homeless youth and young adults. Other areas of academic and clinical expertise include mental health crisis intervention, services for LGBT youth, access to children's mental health service systems, and family support for chronic and severe mental illness.

Caitlyn Wallace
Aug 2015
Caitlyn has a Masters Degree in Social Work from Cal State Berkley and is a Wraparound Facilitator for the Department of Child and Family Services.  She is a former staff member and volunteer with the Center’s Sexual Assault Support Services program.
Jeanne Lauf Walpole, M.A Apr 2014 Jeanne is a freelance writer who loves the outdoors and her 4 legged family members.  In addition to her position on the board of directors, she has been a volunteer on the 24-hour crisis lines for the past decade.

Crisis Call Center's Board of Directors is legally and morally responsible for all activities of Crisis Call Center.  Board members are responsible for determining agency policy in the following areas: Fundraising/Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Community Relations, and Organizational Operations.

Board members have four key responsibilities in this area:

  1. Raising funds and/or ensuring that adequate funds are raised to support the organization's policies and programs
  2. Ensuring financial accountability of the organization
  3. Overseeing an ongoing process of budget development, approval and review
  4. Managing and maintaining properties or investments the organization possesses

Human Resources
Board members have four key responsibilities in the area:

  1. Board membership (which includes recruiting new board members, and providing existing board members with opportunities to grow and develop as leaders)
  2. Executive Director accountability (which includes hiring, firing and ongoing evaluation of the Executive Director)
  3. Personnel policies (which include providing policy guidance about salaries, benefits, and grievance procedures)
  4. Volunteer Involvement (which includes setting policy regarding how volunteers should be used; in what areas; and generally how the organization should treat, recognize and celebrate its volunteers)

Strategic Planning
Board members have four key responsibilities in this area:

  1. Setting and reviewing the organization's mission/philosophy and goals
  2. Planning for the organization's future, on a long and short range basis
  3. Deciding and planning which services/programs the organization provides
  4. Evaluating the organization's programs and operations on a regular basis

Community Relations
Board members have four key responsibilities in this area:

  1. Ensuring that the organization's programs and services appropriately address community/client needs
  2. Marketing the organization's services/programs
  3. Ongoing public relations, (which includes an awareness that board members are always emissaries of the organization in the community)
  4. Cooperative action, (which includes occasions when the organization could/should take part in coalitions, joint fundraising, etc.)

Organizational Operations
Board members have four key responsibilities in this area:

  1. Ensuring that the organization's administrative systems are adequate and appropriate
  2. Ensuring that the board's operations are adequate and appropriate
  3. Ensuring that the organization and legal structures are adequate and appropriate
  4. Ensuring that the organization and its board members meet all applicable legal requirements

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